• Admiration is an inexhaustible pleasure
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12AX7 by Yukio Miyamoto

£ 49.00

12AX7 by Yukio Miyamoto

Admiration is an inexhaustible pleasure. The 12AX7 has been in continuous production since its launch in 1947.

The 12AX7 is a high gain dual triode that will likely have been instrumental in making you resonate to amplified music; it is commonly found in the pre amps of most guitar amplifiers.

Valves/tubes are interesting because they radically changed the way we live. Around 1904 Englishman John Fleming, then of Edison, was considering why the filaments of Edison incandescent light bulbs always failed at the cathode end. He realised this was because the electrons boiling off the filament always flowed from cathode to anode thus diminishing the cathode. Fleming was the first to realise this flow could be manipulated in the process of radio and telephony amplification. Thermionic valves/tubes and their transistor successors were conceived.

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