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Gene Sharp t shirt by Daniel Davidson

£ 39.00

It takes about five minutes to set up a business in Estonia, it takes about three years in Egypt. I'd say this is a good shorthand measure for the state of a country's democracy. Gene Sharp is completely persuasive in making the case that governments are granted the authority to govern by the populations they profess to represent. Governments routinely manipulate regulation and behaviour to exert their authority but without the population's cooperation they have no authority. Gene Sharp's pamphlet From Dictatorship to Democracy, published early in 1990, which this t shirt celebrates, has been hugely influential in the process of liberating the states of Eastern Europe and the Baltic from the yoke of the Soviet Union and similarly in paving the way for more democratic government in the Arab states of the middle east - though "3 years" shows democratic government clearly remains a work in progress in that region.

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