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To order a Colour of Words shirt, please send us an email with the text you would like transcribed.

Thomas Jefferson’s “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” Colour of Words translation by Sarah Roseman

£ 39.00

The tyranny of government by regulation and the one size fits all nonsense of lockdowns needs to be resisted. It's motivated by wokery, it's virtue signalling gesture nonsense. Apart from the economic costs, the debts, the damage to business and artistic expression, mental well being for many, the trashing of life chances for the young, rising alcoholism and weight; at population levels there is evidence strict mask wearing lockdowns do not work; California, France, Spain for a start.

The words you find beautiful, expressive and meaningful, coded and permanently dyed into fabulously comfortable t shirts. You can give us any text, poetic, profane, intimate, lyrical or literary our app will translate it. The colours represent the phonetic sound of the syllables. Sarah Roseman, who gave us her gorgeous and subtle colour key to the International Phonetic Alphabet has synaesthesia. Wassily Kandinsky's essay Concerning The Spiritual in Art motivated Daniel Davidson to deliver our Colour of Music app.

Alongside the barcode representing the syllables are the phonetic symbols for the word. Our app mines an authoritative phonetic dictionary in making these translations. Whether you have the interpretation on the shirt next to the barcodes is your choice. There are things to say best left to be properly read and understood only by the shirt's wearer!

Our t-shirts are unique for being wholly made with CoolMax freshFX. CoolMax is a patented fibre designed to wick perspiration and accelerate moisture evaporation, keeping wearers cooler and drier. This wicking feature of the fabric is made possible by micro channels engineered into the profile of and surface of the fibre. These channels are cleverly dimensioned to exploit the surface tension and capillary action of water. Being physical properties of the fibre, these channels endure and do not significantly diminish with wear or washing.

Antimicrobial (freshFX) treatment stops the propagation of odour producing bacteria. This is achieved by embedding silver salt crystals into the structure of the fibre. FreshFX treatment like the wicking is permanent and does not leach out with everyday use. These characteristics ensure the shirts remain cool, dry and odour free regardless of what you might do in them. Performance of the fabric is guaranteed through a certified and monitored manufacturing process.